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Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados Commercial and Corporate Practice is regarded as a practice of excellence in the Portuguese market. We support companies on a daily basis and are equipped to provide assistance in the most complex corporate operations.

Our corporate team is prepared to assist in and follow-up on the most diverse Commercial and Corporate operations, including incorporation and transformation of any type of company, M&A, Corporate Governance, shareholders’ agreements, insolvency, and company wind-up and liquidation.

Fernando Antas da Cunha


Amílcar Silva


Gerardo Galeote Quecedo
Artur Filipe Silva


Margarida Asseiceira


Rogério de Azevedo


Tiago Picão de Abreu


João Antunes Rodrigues


Diogo Moreira Ramos


Maria Loureiro



Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados Litigation team deals with disputes in any field of the Law, providing legal assistance both in and out of court, working together with Clients to define the best procedural strategy and identifying the risks and advantages of each particular case.

The firm relies not just on the experience and prestige of its Lawyers, but also on the academic background of its litigation team, which is directly connected with an unsurpassed procedural experience, the cornerstone of any litigation practice.

João Carlos Teixeira


Cláudia Leonardo


José Luís Beleza


Ana Rodrigues Martins


Carlos Ferreira Vaz


Daniela Guimarães


Jorge Neto Batista


Inês Rodrigues



As a law firm primarily dedicated to providing daily support to companies the importance of this department cannot be overrated, as our Clients rely on our daily assistance to hire, prepare and terminate employment contracts.

Given the country’s and companies’ current reality, Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados Labour Law team has been hugely successful in assisting companies with employment restructuring.

The department has also gained significant experience in the resolution of industrial disputes before the Courts.

Pedro da Quitéria Faria


Rita Robalo de Almeida


Ricardo Lourenço da Silva


Isabel Araújo Costa


TMT/Privacy and Cybersecurity

The area of ​​TMT/Privacy and Cybersecurity has been an area of ​​great growth at Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados and is nowadays an essential pillar of almost every business.

We provide advice to a variety of public and private entities in Portugal, in particular in the definition of appropriate compliance strategies for each organisation and adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The TMT/Privacy and Cybersecurity team is prepared to provide support in a number of operations, such as implementation of compliance programmes tailored to each individual case, definition of rules and procedures for the processing of personal data in human resource management, definition of policies regarding the period of data storage, preparation of privacy policies and protection of personal data (including internal rules and regulations and compliance programmes for both public and private entities), management of the relationship with the Control Authority in Portugal (CNPD), preparation and review of contractual conditions applicable to the processing of personal data, and preparation and adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ana Bastos


Ana Catarina Silva


Márcia Dias Lomba


Diogo Moreira Ramos



Fully aware of the real estate reality in Portugal, Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados provides legal assistance in the most diverse real estate transactions.

The firm also assists its clients with real estate financing, licensing and any other required operation for the successful implementation of the projects envisioned by its clients, as well as with the execution and performance of lease agreements for both housing and commercial purposes.

Regarding projects, the firm has broad experience in structuring real estate operations, conducting due diligences, and incorporating real estate investment special purpose instruments.

Henrique Moser


João de Moraes Vaz


Margarida Asseiceira


Rogério de Azevedo


Bruna Casagrande


Martha Gens


Ana Cristina Borges


Mariana Garrido Carvalho


Mafalda Semedo Martins


Rafael Ramos Ferreira


Marta Celorico Palma


Cátia Ferreira Gaspar


Private Clients

Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados has a vast experience with Private Clients, a practice that is becoming our rising star.

Our teams specialise in Golden Visas, family and succession law, family offices, corporate governance in family businesses, assistance to non-residents and non-habitual residents, and in all tax and property-related matters.

Fernando Antas da Cunha


Henrique Moser



Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados has a widely experienced team in advising national and international companies operating in different areas of activity.

Our team provides several services in the area of intellectual property, in particular in all matters regarding copyright, image rights, trademarks, and data protection.

Our team of intellectual property is prepared to handle several operations in this area, such as registration and maintenance of national and international trademarks (including EU), registration and maintenance of domain names, drafting of licensing agreements, litigation regarding trademarks, drafting contracts for copyright and related rights, litigation on copyright and related rights.

Márcia Dias Lomba


FinTech and Financial Regulation

The area of ​​FinTech and Financial Regulation of Antas da Cunha Ecija offers comprehensive and strategic legal advice to both operators who are investing on financial technology (FinTechs), as well as the traditional financial sector. The professional experience of our team at the financial regulator and in the financial sector allows us to understand, in a privileged way, the method of thinking of supervisory authorities and the main challenges for the sector, making possible to offer informed, incisive and innovative advice.


  • Specialist advice on FinTech (crowdfunding, robo-advice, Initial Coin Offerings – ICOs, Open Banking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies)
  • Advice on financial regulation and financial legislation implementation projects (MiFID, PSD2, IDD, PRIIPs, AML, MAD, UCITS, AIFMD, EMIR, MMF, SFTR, CMD, Crowdfunding)
  • Advice on Spanish financial regulation
  • Obtaining licenses, registrations and authorizations
  • Advice on the submission of applications to integrate a Sandbox / Innovation Hub
  • Regulatory Compliance programs and activities
  • Training programs on financial regulation
  • Processing and advising on enforcement actions at national and European level


  • FinTechs
  • Credit institutions
  • Investment firms
  • Entities providing payment services and electronic money
  • Seguradoras
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment funds
  • Issuers
  • Private Equity
  • Start-ups

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Afonso Eça

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Dulce Mota

Hélder Rosalino

Maria João Teixeira

Maria Ruiz de Velasco

Fernando Antas da Cunha



Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados is prepared to address any issues concerning Public Law, notably Administrative Law, Public Procurement and Urbanism.

Among the services provided by our lawyers in this particular department we would highlight our support in matters relating to the State’s and other public entities’ civil liability, assistance with tenders and other pre-contractual procedures within the scope of public procurement, interpretation and drafting of administrative contracts, and assistance with administrative disputes.

João Carlos Teixeira


Jane Kirkby


Artur Filipe Silva


José Luís Beleza


Ana Rodrigues Martins



Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados Tax Department provides all-inclusive tax consultancy services, liaising closely with the other departments of the firm to make sure that tax issues are always properly addressed in the strategies defined for the projects underway.

Among the several services provided, we excel at tax litigation, tax administrative offenses, and tax planning for national and international operations.

Joana Cunha d’Almeida


Paula Madelino


Carolina Sousa


João Bento Cardoso


Hugo Pinheiro Ferreira


Legal Intelligence

Law is one of those areas that has escaped from the impact of data and technology.

It is a science of arguments, persuasion, emotion and human judgment.

Could it be that justice, the law, its actors and its institutions are evolving according to the times, with technology and scientific knowledge?

At Antas da Cunha ECIJA, we want to do more and better.
The age of technological evolution may be the golden age for justice.

Scientific and social evolution allows the growth of new rights, access to a system of justice closer to the ideal of happiness, based on equity and analysis of the specific case.
Regarding legal careers, new professions are emerging and the concept of hybrid lawyers is being developed – using new technologies, capable of professional achievements never before accomplished.
Collective choices are promoting social welfare and, for that reason, justice is urged to adapt.
At Antas da Cunha ECIJA we created the Legal Intelligence department to disrupt the experience of our customers.

We work from an ontological perspective, reforming our legal services, adapting them to concepts such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Advocacy 4.0, AR (Augmented Reality) and Smart Law.
We design new systems and explore topics, such as AAI (Augmented Attorney Intelligence), LDT (Legal DesignThinking) and HL (Hybrid Lawyers).
We are prepared to deal with Blockchain technology and we have systems capable of generating our own Smart Contracts.

We want to transform the way people see justice and its actors and the best way to do that is to offer services with differential advantages to our clients.

Nuno da Silva Vieira


Ana Peixoto


Inês Bragança Gaspar


Criminal, Misdemeanor and Compliance

Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados’ Criminal and Compliance team has experience in defending and prosecuting highly complex criminal cases, with special focus on economic crimes, criminal tax law and social security, money laundering, corruption, fraud, market protection and cybercrime.

The team also ensures the defense of its clients in misdemeanor cases initiated by the regulatory authorities and acts in the preventive counseling of its clients, particularly in the field of financial law, capital markets, pharmaceuticals, environment, real estate and economics.

The team provides compliance services, especially in the field of corruption prevention, money laundering and terrorist financing, offering its clients auditing services to detect potential contingencies and subsequent corrective advice and compliance with best practices, as well as training, assistance to the Compliance Officer and adaptation of international models to Portuguese legislation.

Works in multidisciplinary teams in an integrated manner with other areas of Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados, actively collaborating with its clients in internal investigations to mitigate risks and avoid potential liabilities.

Rui Ferreira Antunes


Afonso Correia de Almeida


Beatriz Eusébio da Costa


Alexandra Mota Gomes



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