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ESG Services

The importance of the topic

The world is increasingly turning its attention to the sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance of companies. Financial performance, i.e. profit, is no longer the main indicator that attracts the attention of buyers, employees, investors and fund managers. This indicator, previously used to assess a company’s strength, is being replaced by how the company positions itself in relation to the three pillars of ESG: environment, social and corporate governance.

Pressure is therefore mounting for companies to incorporate ESG criteria into their production processes and market practices. In the short and medium term, even companies that resist this new reality will be forced to become more sustainable.

With the emergence of ESG issues in organizations and society, the publication of European directives and regulations in this area has increased, with the imposition of even more objective criteria for companies with regard to non-financial reporting, as a way of promoting the sustainability of the economy.

ESG Legal Services

Antas da Cunha ECIJA has a specialized and multidisciplinary team on ESG issues, with comprehensive knowledge in the environmental, social and governance areas, prepared to face the specific challenges that clients may encounter in the current scenario, where corporate responsibility is increasingly valued. Antas da Cunha ECIJA offers its clients a holistic approach, enabling them to align themselves with the best sustainable practices, thus ensuring a positive impact on both a corporate and social level.

The expertise of the Antas da Cunha ECIJA team is a significant differentiator, providing clients with a strategic advantage in the context of growing expectations around ESG practices. By understanding the complexities and nuances of these areas, Antas da Cunha ECIJA offers customized solutions, guiding clients in the implementation of effective measures that promote environmental, social and governance responsibility. In this way, Antas da Cunha ECIJA not only responds to market demands, but also actively contributes to building a more sustainable and ethical business future.


Implementation of renewable energy and energy transition projects

Development of strategies to achieve climate neutrality

Administration of emission licenses and participation in corresponding auctions

ESG certification processes

Training and capacity building programs


Regulatory advice and compliance

Licensing and authorization for project implementation

Legislative impacts

Contracts in regulated areas

Monitoring with regulatory authorities

Labour Law

Codes of Good Conduct and Professional Ethics

Manuals for integration, reception, policies, regulations and internal circulars

Training plan for employees

Inclusive hiring of people with disabilities

Selection and recruitment processes

Draft contracts

Whistleblowing channels

Internal investigations resulting from complaints

Internal policies to promote mental health at work and balance with personal and family life

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policies

Equal pay and transparency policies

Human Rights Guides

Litigation and Arbitration

Representing clients before courts, tribunals and arbitrations

Negotiating transactions

Human rights guides

Monitoring compliance with ESG standards in the production and supply chain

Identifying and anticipating litigation risks

Criminal, Misdemeanor and Environment Compliance

Sustainability reports

Risk Prevention Plan

Codes of Conduct and Professional Ethics

Anti-corruption and sustainability/good environmental practices policy

Conflict of interest policy

Policy on gifts, sponsorships and donations

Internal Whistleblowing Channels and Internal Policies for following up and dealing with complaints

Internal investigations following complaints

Procedures and control manual

Training plan for employees and company management bodies

Advice on administrative or judicial proceedings

Commercial and Corporate Law

Requirements to comply with sustainability reporting obligations imposed by the European Union

Compliance with reporting obligations

Confirmation of ESG reporting obligations

Disclosure of information inherent to their sustainability policies and strategies

Approval of accounts and respective minutes

Support and legal advice to investors

Legal advice to board members

Advice and representation in legal actions

Search for possible incentive and investment plans

TMT / Intellectual Property

Copyright and related rights – Work for hire contracts, publishing and editing contracts, production contracts, starring contracts, work licensing contracts, etc.

Trademark registration and management of protection of owners’ rights

Inventions (patents, utility models, know-how) and design

Intellectual property litigation

Protection of trade secrets

Advertising and advertising rights – contracts with agencies, media and influencers

Television and Audiovisual Services Law

Privacy and Data Protection

Project to adapt, implement and audit the GDPR and Law 58/2019 of August 8

Data protection and information security training

Compliance with Electronic Communications Privacy legislation

Compliance with legislation applicable to e-commerce & digital platforms

Compliance with the Digital Services Act


Information Security (ISO 27001 and ENISA guidelines)

IT compliance in regulated and non-regulated sectors

Compliance with the Cyberspace Security Legal Framework and Decree-Law no. 65/2021, of July 30

Compliance with Technical Instruction – Regulation no. 183/2022

Compliance with Council of Ministers Resolution no. 41/2018, of March 28

Digital Economy

Support and legal advice to cryptoasset issuers and service providers

Identification and communication of negative impacts under the MiCA Regulation

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