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TMT - Technology, Media & Telecommunications


The area of ​​TMT/Privacy and Cybersecurity has been an area of ​​great growth at Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados and is nowadays an essential pillar of almost every business.

We provide advice to a variety of public and private entities in Portugal, in particular in the definition of appropriate compliance strategies for each organisation and adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The TMT/Privacy and Cybersecurity team is prepared to provide support in a number of operations, such as implementation of compliance programmes tailored to each individual case, definition of rules and procedures for the processing of personal data in human resource management, definition of policies regarding the period of data storage, preparation of privacy policies and protection of personal data (including internal rules and regulations and compliance programmes for both public and private entities), management of the relationship with the Control Authority in Portugal (CNPD), preparation and review of contractual conditions applicable to the processing of personal data, and preparation and adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Antas da Cunha ECIJA has a widely experienced team in advising national and international companies operating in different areas of activity.

Our team provides several services in the area of intellectual property, in particular in all matters regarding copyright, image rights, trademarks, and data protection.

Our team of intellectual property is prepared to handle several operations in this area, such as registration and maintenance of national and international trademarks (including EU), registration and maintenance of domain names, drafting of licensing agreements, litigation regarding trademarks, drafting contracts for copyright and related rights, litigation on copyright and related rights.


The Legal Intelligence Department is responsible for guiding and advising on a multidisciplinary basis. The fourth industrial revolution urges us to be hybrid professionals – the path we believe in to accompany our customers’ journey.

In the construction of our Big Picture, we like to contribute to the debate of the themes that are presented to us, we study the feasibility of projects, we advise on the technology to be used, the legislation to respect – or to propose – and we are present in the launch of technological solutions in the market.

Our teams have extensive experience in providing legal advice to all types of companies, start-ups and scale-ups, and we count with entrepreneurs from the New Economy Institute.

We are active players on Web3, we are committed to offering Blockchain solutions, we have participated in various processes of tokenization of assets and rights, we accompany ICOs, STOs, IDOs, IEOs, FTOs and INOs, we deal with NFTs and all matters related to the Metaverse.

We were the pioneers in Portugal in the programming of Smart Contracts and, therefore, we are able to carry out audits and design Smart Contracts Workflows.

We have experience in preparing White Papers for national and international start-ups and in registering companies that deal with virtual assets at Bank of Portugal. In the case of investment tokens, we prepare case-by-case opinions, in order to adapt the offers to the requirements of the CMVM, complying with all investor protection rules.

We want to be constantly up to date with legislation and regulation – and we are often promoters of legal solutions. We prepare legal and technical opinions on various topics, with special attention to national and European regulation. We present innovative and visually interesting solutions, using Legal Design Thinking techniques.

We practice Advocacy 4.0. based on Smart Law, reorganizing the legal services provided by our office, adapting them to concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and Smart Cities.

The Legal Intelligence department has established partnerships for academic research with universities such as Nova SBE, through the coordination of the Blockchain & Smart Contracts course, with the Portuguese Catholic University and with Student Associations of the University of Minho.


The Technology Transactions Area was created to help companies optimize their invoices with Information Technology (IT) providers at a time when companies will need to invest heavily to keep up with the accelerated digital transformation underway.

Through its own framework containing dozens of indicators organized around 15 optimization axes, Antas da Cunha ECIJA offers its clients an economic perspective and not just a strictly legal one to negotiate IT contracts. The optimization areas to be considered include angles like i) confirmation of the real need for a certain IT solution, ii) determining the ideal capacity to acquire, iii) negotiating prices in its different aspects, iv) verifying the maximization of efficiency of purchased capacity, and v) the achievement of the expected quality of IT projects or services.

Antas da Cunha ECIJA’s advice begins in the negotiation phase, considering the points mentioned in the previous paragraph and continues naturally at the level of contract wording, densifying it with elements that make its object and expected result more explicit. In addition to these aspects, more typical of the classic intervention of a law firm, Antas da Cunha ECIJA goes further, helping its clients to determine which performance indicators are most relevant for each type of contract and determining by benchmark the market values normally accepted. Finally, a strict follow-up of signed contracts is carried out, assisted by the most sophisticated software in the area of ​​contract monitoring.

Regarding to partnerships and M&A, the Technology Transactions area assists its clients in expanding their technological capabilities, through a two-level action. On the one hand, helping to define governance models that guarantee a clear allocation of responsibilities among the members of a certain group of IT service providers with a specific convergent objective. On the other hand, with regard to M&A processes, Antas da Cunha ECIJA, in addition to providing all the advice relating to the end-to-end completion of the operation, plays a very important role in defining criteria for the search for potential targets and corresponding evaluation thereof.

If you want to maximize the Value for Money of your IT spending, count on us.

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