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Immigration & Citizenship

Globalisation has boosted immigration processes at a global level, but the laws and directives of each country are constantly evolving and facing challenges, thus requiring an individualized approach and analysis of each specific process and each individual client, which makes it absolutely essential to have specialized assistance in monitoring the processes of obtaining and renewing visas and residence permits, as well as the processes of acquiring nationality.

Portugal currently offers tax and legal conditions that are particularly favorable and attractive to the establishment of foreigners in our country, which may include tourism, business and investment, education, work, family origins or research, where programmes such as the Non-Resident Status, “Golden Visa”, or D7 Visa, which naturally require advice and assistance from specialized professionals to allow clients to obtain all the necessary legal security that is transversal to their personal characteristics and expectations.

Due to its experience and international presence, Antas da Cunha Ecija is qualified and equipped with the human and material resources necessary to carry out processes of immigration to Portugal, as well as processes to obtain Portuguese citizenship, enjoying wide experience and success in the conclusion of these procedures, offering a specialized and personalized service and follow-up to each of its clients, both during the structuring and determination of the procedure and/or investment to be followed, as well as during its implementation.

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Sports Lab

O Sports Lab nasce de um espírito disruptivo e de uma vontade de trabalhar inovadora, jovem e diferente.

O Laboratório de Direito de Desporto da Antas da Cunha Ecija pretende implementar-se com uma abordagem diferente de temas que fazem parte do quotidiano desportivo e também eles são diferentes, mas importantes.

Este laboratório de experiências desportivas, abarca a problematização de questões, a formação multi disciplinar, e a construção de novos conceitos, com base na experiência da nossa equipa e case study das melhores prácticas.

O Sports Lab trabalha actual e especialmente com ESports, Fan Engagement, Implementação de Tecnologia Blockchain no Desporto, e na Construção de soluções mitigadas e multi disciplinares, e consequente apoio jurídico para esse propósito, com vista à promoção de bom ambiente desportivo – informado, acolhedor e positivo.

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Luís Branco Lopes


Carlos Ferreira Vaz


André David


Afonso Correia de Almeida


Inês Reis Rodrigues


João Jorge Pereira


French Desk

Antas da Cunha Ecija’s French Desk provides a complete service to French-speaking people and societies in their mother tongue in all areas of law.

The follow-up is customized and total, with assistance that is close and available with special attention to the client’s global needs.

Knowledge of the customs of the country of origin speeds up the achievement of effective results.

Consultancy in the client’s mother tongue is provided in close collaboration with all the specialized departments of the company in order to allow an exclusive follow-up without neglecting the specialty of each area of law.

Tatiana Cardoso


Andreia de Deus Rijo


Matilde Alves Lourenço

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