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Immigration & Citizenship

Globalisation has boosted immigration processes at a global level, but the laws and directives of each country are constantly evolving and facing challenges, thus requiring an individualized approach and analysis of each specific process and each individual client, which makes it absolutely essential to have specialized assistance in monitoring the processes of obtaining and renewing visas and residence permits, as well as the processes of acquiring nationality.

Portugal currently offers tax and legal conditions that are particularly favorable and attractive to the establishment of foreigners in our country, which may include tourism, business and investment, education, work, family origins or research, where programmes such as the Non-Resident Status, “Golden Visa”, or D7 Visa, which naturally require advice and assistance from specialized professionals to allow clients to obtain all the necessary legal security that is transversal to their personal characteristics and expectations.

Due to its experience and international presence, Antas da Cunha Ecija is qualified and equipped with the human and material resources necessary to carry out processes of immigration to Portugal, as well as processes to obtain Portuguese citizenship, enjoying wide experience and success in the conclusion of these procedures, offering a specialized and personalized service and follow-up to each of its clients, both during the structuring and determination of the procedure and/or investment to be followed, as well as during its implementation.

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French Desk

Antas da Cunha ECIJA Francophone Team provides French-speaking individuals, companies and associations with a complete legal service in their mother tongue, in all areas of law.

Having an empirical knowledge of the customs and administrative formalities of each French-speaking client’s country of origin, the team is able to provide a personalized and complete follow-up, always keeping meticulous attention to the clients’ global needs.

The legal capacity of the Portuguese legal system, accompanied by communication without linguistic barriers, allows effective results to be obtained, leveraged by close collaboration with the different practice areas of the AdCE, with a view to producing customized advice without neglecting the specificities of each area of ​​law.

* * *

Le Bureau Francophone d’Antas da Cunha ECIJA offre aux particuliers, entreprises et associations francophones un service juridique complet dans leur langue maternelle, en tous domaines du droit.

Ayant une connaissance des coutumes et des formalités administratives des pays d’origine de ses clients francophones, l’équipe est capable de fournir un accompagnement personnalisé et complet, tout en maintenant une attention particulière aux besoins globaux des clients.

La maîtrise du droit portugais accompagné de la communication plus fluide grâce à l’absence de barrières linguistiques permet d’obtenir des résultats efficaces, reposant sur l’étroite collaboration avec tous les départements spécialisés du cabinet afin de fournirdes conseils exclusifs sans négliger les spécificités de chaque domaine de pratique.

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German Desk

The German Desk at Antas da Cunha understands the importance of creating a close relationship with all those who relate to it and without language barriers.

Our team is composed by members who have a Deutsches Abitur and, therefore, speak and understand German without difficulty.

All matters entrusted to the German Desk will be handled with specialized practice areas in order to guarantee the best assistance to individuals and companies who wish to operate on the Portuguese market in their own language, or to individuals and companies who wish to mark their presence on the German market.

* * *

Das German Desk von Antas da Cunha weiß, wie wichtig es ist, eine enge Beziehung zu all jenen aufzubauen, die mit dem Desk in Verbindung stehen, ohne Sprachbarrieren.

Unser Team setzt sich aus Mitgliedern zusammen, die ein deutsches Abitur haben und daher problemlos Deutsch sprechen und verstehen.

Wir besprechen jedes Thema mit den spezialisierten Praxisbereichen, um Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen, die auf dem portugiesischen Markt in ihrer eigenen Sprache agieren wollen, oder Einzelpersonen und Unternehmen, die ihre Präsenz auf dem deutschen Markt markieren wollen, die beste Unterstützung zu garantieren.

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