Legal Intelligence

Law is one of those areas that has escaped from the impact of data and technology.

It is a science of arguments, persuasion, emotion and human judgment.

Could it be that justice, the law, its actors and its institutions are evolving according to the times, with technology and scientific knowledge?

At Antas da Cunha ECIJA, we want to do more and better.
The age of technological evolution may be the golden age for justice.

Scientific and social evolution allows the growth of new rights, access to a system of justice closer to the ideal of happiness, based on equity and analysis of the specific case.
Regarding legal careers, new professions are emerging and the concept of hybrid lawyers is being developed – using new technologies, capable of professional achievements never before accomplished.
Collective choices are promoting social welfare and, for that reason, justice is urged to adapt.
At Antas da Cunha ECIJA we created the Legal Intelligence department to disrupt the experience of our customers.

We work from an ontological perspective, reforming our legal services, adapting them to concepts such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Advocacy 4.0, AR (Augmented Reality) and Smart Law.
We design new systems and explore topics, such as AAI (Augmented Attorney Intelligence), LDT (Legal DesignThinking) and HL (Hybrid Lawyers).
We are prepared to deal with Blockchain technology and we have systems capable of generating our own Smart Contracts.

We want to transform the way people see justice and its actors and the best way to do that is to offer services with differential advantages to our clients.